“Frustrated Annuity Agents Listen Up...While Your Competitors Are Trying To Figure Out What To Do, You Can Now Have All The Resources To Provide You With Everything You Need To Make The Sale---Including The Leads"
  *(If You Qualify)

P.S.---This is not some LTC program, Social Security program, or backdoor approach program...I'm talking about attracting more Annuity Owners and Annuity Buyers than you can handle

(This Annuity Marketing System not Only Brings
Prospects Flocking to You, But It Also Gives You Instant Credibility You Need to Make the Sale Every Time---And We're Going to Train You STEP BY STEP EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT)

Dear Annuity Producer,

I am writing you to fill you in on something that could change the way you do business.  It's not that the way you are doing it is wrong, but there is a better way---I PROMISE.  Please read on.

If you're thinking about buying an annuity selling system,then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

It's no secret that if you say getting enough qualified prospects to work with is your biggest challenge...That is every producer's biggest challenge.

And the sad thing is, all selling systems out there are trying to do the same things to generate business.  These are some of the examples, and I bet you've tried at least one of these (I think I tried them all!!!):

1) Buying some stupid seminar program for thousands of dollars.  Then, you have to spend $5,000-$8,000 feeding some people who are probably coming for the food anyway...AREN'T YOU SICK OF THAT??? 

2) Some B.S. LTC, Reverse Mortgage, or Estate planning Program (or any backdoor program for that matter) that makes you switch gears in the middle of a presentation and start talking about Annuities---I call this the Back Door Approach...IT SUCKS!!!

3) Having someone  set  "qualified" appointments for you.  I think  that they think qualified means someone who has a pulse...Yes, screw you American Marketing Insurance Leads...$2,500 down the drain---I was burned by these guys personally.

4) Buying what someone says is qualified leads, only to call them and find out that they have no clue who you are and when the hell they filled out any sort of information requesting an "insurance salesman to contact them" 

The only Person who ever makes money is the person who sold you the system.  And that's the way it was meant to be. 

Don't get me wrong... some people do well with seminars, LTC Programs, appointment setters, etc...but from my experience, it mostly ends up being a waste of money for the producer.  The sad truth is that you may end up spending thousands of dollars before you figure that out...a little too late.  I know this from experience.  I spent over $5,000 on marketing systems that simply didn't work.

Let me go on...

The other challenge with all of these systems, is they usually do not have a complete step-by-step system to succeeding.  For example, some have a good seminar, with bad marketing techniques;

Some have great postcards, but no audience to mail them to unless you buy some crappy list from a wholesaler  that never really works...and then you don't even know what to say when someone responds;

some provide you with leads, but no script on how to turn these leads into actual prospects...

Furthermore, some systems are just way too costly to implement.  Let's take a look at seminars.  It's no secret that seminars are saturated in the market...THE CHALLENGE IS GETTING AN AUDIENCE.

 I recently talked to a producer who said that he now has to send out 10,000 invites to get 35-40 people to his seminar---AND HE HAS TO FEED THEM...OH MY GOD--THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS.  So before he ever gets in front of anyone, he has to spend thousands of dollars.  Furthermore, great letters and postcards cost money to mass mail...And mail charges aren't getting any cheaper. 

Also, most systems take months to implement.  I mean think about it.  A seminar takes planning, sending out invitations, receiving a response putting on the seminar, and then following up.  It's such a huge process.  Other systems have similar lead times simply because they are so hard to set up and implement.  

And in addition to that (and most importantly), many of the systems do not produce QUALIFIED leads...I once did an appointment setting program and got to the clients house and they thought I was from SBC coming to give them an estimate for a phone line---I am not exxagerating.  And another time, I went to someone's house and they said the telemarketer told them I was going to give them a rebate for the annuity they already owned...Have you been there???



So, what have I done and
 what does it mean to you?

In 2004, I wrote a book called, "Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed."  My intent was to write it for my own clients in order to help them to make the proper choices when buying annuities. 

And there was no question it did just that.  The book was the absolute best selling tool I could ever imagine...better than any marketing system I had ever seen.  Now, I had used free books before but they were terrible...they added no value...This was completely different.  (By the way, if you haven't seen what the book offers, go check it out at annuitymd.com). 

The difference was that this book was not designed to inform, it was designed to provoke.  It has literally been coined as the most controversial annuity book ever written.  The difference between this book and anything out there is that it is a no B.S. book.  THE CONTROVERSIAL APPROACH OF THE BOOK MAKES PROSPECTS WANT TO TALK TO YOU...It literally  MAKES the prospect want to do business with you even if they have another agent they work with.

You may ask yourself why or how this happens.  The answer is because the book doesn't talk about the obvious advantages about annuities such as tax deferral and "great rates."  It talks about the controversial aspects of annuities.  It raises a huge level of curiosity that causes concern and the desire to have a further conversation.

However, one of my clients suggested that this book was something that everyone needed and as a result, I decided to offer the book online. I DECIDED TO PUT THE BOOK ONLINE AND SELL IT FOR $50 and I could not believe the demand for the book.  It quickly became the best selling annuity book to ever hit the net. 

The information it presented was so much in demand, that price was not an object...I literally sold hundreds of books.  But here is the amazing part...The response to the information the book offered was priceless.  Below is just a small sample of some of the letters I received from people who purchased the book.

I'd pay $1,000 for this information...easily!

When you talk about how to avoid the 'tax time-bomb' it explained to me how to keep more of my hard earned money and will save me tens of thousands of dollars. 

--Thomas Wenchester, Ohio

* * * * * * * * *

This information is priceless!

Unbelievable.  I had no idea that my annuity didn't fit my financial goals.  I just followed the advice of someone and never thought twice about it.  Reading your product has changed my entire outlook and will give me an opportunity to make some big changes with my investments.  It's important for me to pass as much money to my beneficiaries as possible and now I know I will.  I recommend your product to all my family and friends who are looking to buy an annuity.

--Warren Tomas, Michigan

* * * * * * * * *

You should be charging more money
for what you deliver.

Tony, I was skeptical at first before I purchased your information.  I'm glad to say that I was wrong for even doubting what you promised.  I'd pay twenty times more knowing what I know now.  Thanks again.

--Mary Lawson, California

What do you think these
type of responses would do
to your annuity sales? 

Most importantly, however, I was getting calls from agents all over the countries asking me if there was a selling system for the book.  MY RESPONSE WAS "NOT YET..."  I was previously not ready to release a marketing system until I had all the proof I needed.  I did not want to offer something that I was not sure produced tremendous results. 

But now, in response to many agent's request, I have created the most incredible annuity marketing system on the street.

Get Rights to the Most Controversial Annuity Book Ever Written...And Learn How to Create An Enormous Amount of Annuity Leads Forever

I've designed the most complete, effective, marketing system you have ever seen.  Not only will you get limited rights to the number one selling consumer annuity book in the country, you will receive  the ENTIRE step-by-step plan on how to implement it.  In fact:

Order Now!

In this Marketing System, you will receive:

checkmarkLimited Rights to The Most Controversial Annuity Book ever written---YOU WILL GAIN INSTANT CREDIBILITY FROM ANYONE WHO REQUESTS THE BOOK. 

checkmarkThe only advertisement you will every need to produce an enormous amount of leads no matter where you place it---THIS AD GENERALLY PRODUCED 80 LEADS PER WEEK FOR ME...I Had to hire more agents to work the leads.

checkmarkA full script that literally brings down every barrier your prospects ever had and eliminates any objection a consumer could ever think of---THIS SCRIPT IS NOT GENERAL...IT IS SPECIFIC TO THE ANNUITY MARKET---IT'S THE ONLY ONE OF IT'S KIND!!!

A second script with the best closes ever written for the annuity sales market.

checkmarkThe best Equity Indexed Annuity Presentation that is so simple, a five year old (and a 75 year old) will understand it.  No more messing with difficult presentations...this is so simple that I didit on one yellow piece of paper and rarely missed a close. 

checkmarkThe exact step by step plan to implement the entire process.

checkmarkAll the information you will need to set up a 24 hour Prospect capturing Line that works around the clock...even while you sleep---You will literally wake up to incredible amounts of annuity owners who raise their hands to your offer.

checkmarkA turn-key method for ordering books in any quantity you want...seriously, no minimums.

checkmarkA follow up direct mail letter that has generated over 9.5% response for me...The best direct mail piece I have ever seen....This will be used as a follow up to everyone who never turned into a client...THIS IS SO CRITICAL.

checkmarkInstructions on exactly what to say to a prospect who orders the book...EVERYTHING FROM HELLO TO GOODBYE.

checkmarkExactly what you need to know about the 'index annuity'.

checkmarkFree teleconference or audio CD prior to setting up your system so I can make sure that you do everything right to ensure your success.

checkmarkA FREE Initial Consultation to get you on the fast track.

checkmark Future training for your sales staff at a discounted price.

checkmark Constant updates of The Shocking Truths as they become available.

checkmarkFirst Rights to purchase new additions to the system as they become available.

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What The "Shocking Secrets"
Marketing System Will Deliver

checkmark A system that produces leads for you 24-hours per day in your own specific geographic area.

checkmark The ability to turn the "lead" faucet on and off at your disposal so you can work whenever you want and vacation whenever you want.---CONTROL YOUR TIME.

checkmark A system that attracts ANNUITY LEADS---LET ME REPEAT THAT---A System that Attracts ANNUITY LEADS---No More back door approach.  Your prospects will be Annuity Owners or Annuity Buyers---EVERY TIME (Unless it's an agent curious about what you are doing)---***THIS IS THE CRITICAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS SYSTEM AND EVERY OTHER MARKETING SYSTEM

checkmark A Method for instant credibility.  Think about it.  Gaining credibility is half of the battle.  Once the prospect knows your credible you can begin to move towards the closing process.

checkmark  A single and targeted approach to annuity sales...Many people in our business suffer from having too many ideas---ALL YOU NEED IS ONE DAMN GOOD IDEA AND THIS IS IT!!!

checkmark A better educated and more affluent prospect---This system delivers many $100,000+ annuity owners when done properly...not broke people with bad credit with no money

checkmark A follow-up system that produces extremely high response to allow you to capitalize on the prospects you didn't convert.

checkmark  A monthly membership program that gives you all the 'Best Practices' and puts you in an elite club of producers around the country that share ideas and marketing secrets to increase sales (You may cancel this at any time)

How Long Do You Want Wait
to Start Making Real Money?

This system can be implemented in a very short time frame.  Yes, there is some inital set-up to do on your part but you can have quality leads in less than one week.  Furthermore, once you start, it is an automated process.  You don't have to keep doing mondane tasks over and over again.  It just becomes an automated process---YOU JUST SELL TO QUALIFIED PROSPECTS.

How Many Sales Do You Think It Would Take to Cover the Cost of This Marketing System?

The Answer is your first sale will probably not only cover the cost of the system, but will put you in serious profit mode.  In just one moment I will explain to you the cost.  You need to know that the average sale produced with this system shoud be $100,000 annuities.  Yes, there will be $25,000 annuities...But there will also be $250,000 annuities.

If you are seriously considering producing a serious income with annuities, or already do and want to find a new way, then the following questions have to be answered:

Are you sick of having no consistent way to produce solid leads?
2.  Are you wasting too much time trying to come up with ways to attract prospects?
3.  Are you sick of wasting money on systems that don't work?
4.  Are you tired of not having a plan?
5.  Are you frustrated because of attracting the wrong type of prospects?
6.  Are you sick of social prospecting?
7.  Are you through with working late nights because of seminars?---Or holding seminars with no audience?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then it's time to do something different.  You need a complete marketing system that will generate the leads you need to make a six figure income consistently.

Warning:  Do No Buy Any Product
that does not meet these criteria:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding annuity marketing systems - especially on the Internet.

Let me share the things that set us apart in my mind.

1. Here is how you can contact me

Too many marketing companies lose credibility because they hide from their customers. I have a dedicated customer support staff ready to serve you. You can reach us anytime at:

Contact us by email here.

Contact me by phone at 248-933-2033.  This is my direct line.  I answer the phone myself when I'm around.  And prior to you getting started, I will work with you to implement your system.

2. This system is complete and simple to understand

First of all, like I said, it is literally turn key.  THERE IS NO GUESS WORK.  It is a cookie-cutter approach and all you have to do is follow it. 

Furthermore, it does you no good if this product is not simple to understand.  The system can be implemented by an infant it's that simple.  MOST SYSTEMS WON'T GIVE YOU THAT.

3. I don't promise you something that hasn't been done 

So many marketing systems are someone's pie-in-the-sky creations.  They have never even used them.  THIS HAS BEEN TRIED AND TESTED---IT WORKS. 

4. This system gives YOU the control

Most lead generation systems and appointment setting systems take the control away from you.  This system puts everything in your hands so you can do what it takes to succeed.  You can literally take a month off and come back exactly where you left off...YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Here's The Cost And Why It's Worth Every Penny

If you are at this page, chances are you are trying to make a decision about your business right now.  PLEASE DON'T LET A SMALL INVESTMENT STAND IN YOUR WAY.  The Shocking Truths is truly the most powerful annuity marketing system available.. 

We are currently doing a marketing test and limiting the number of agents that we are allowing to buy this system.  Sounds like a line, but don't be surprised when you come back and find out this offer is gone.

Understanding how to use the marketing system can make you tens and tens of thousands of dollars and save you years of grief and aggravation.  Seriously, do you know what it's like to keep trying systems that don't work?

When you own this product it will pay for itself hundreds of times over in the money that you'll make!
  The money you will save and earn as a direct result of this explosive detailed information can pay you back 1,000 times your  paltry investment.  What if you don't buy The Shocking Truths and you end up doing the same thing you've been doing year after year?

But what if you do buy it and everything I am saying is true?  How much business could you do in the next twelve months if all you were doing was sitting down in front of QUALIFIED ANNUITY OWNERS and BUYERS???

My price isn't cheap but it's worth it considering the benefits.  It's currently $2,995 .

However, we are currently offering (for a limited time only) this product for $1,995.  This includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED.  You will receive scripts, the ad, the book, and everything you need from A to Z to make a lot of money.  Yes, we even teach you EXACTLY what to say on the phone and in person.  You will not have to guess about ANYTHING.

In addition, we provide a monthly membership club.  There is an additional $97/month charge which entitles you to monthly 'best practices' calls and opportunities to hear other agents across the country share success stories plus many bonuses that come each month.  You may cancel this at anytime, however, you will find that it will pay for itself many times over.

Remember, this marketing system will crush all the other things you have tried hands down.  And each month, we will be adding value to it provided you keep up with your membership.  I can tell you that even without monthly dues you will still receive ALL the training you need to get the entire system going but the ongoing monthly support will help you achieve spectacular results.

Oh, and by the way, if you think this is expensive, ask yourself how much making the wrong decision will cost you.  ASK ME...I HAVE WASTED PLENTY OF MONEY WITH B.S. MARKETING SYSTEMS...IT SUCKS.

Click Here To Order Now!

In addition, you will get the
 following amazing FREE bonuses :

If you order by midnight, you'll also receive 5 incredible bonuses.

bonus 1
The Ultimate Annuity Closing Workshop

This workshop is specifically designed for the annuity industry.  If you have ever wanted better closes for your annuity business, this is definitely it

bonus 2

The Guaranteed to Never Fail Voicemail Script

How would you like to receive a 60-80% call back ratio on your voicemails?   Instead of hanging up try this script.  I was hesitant to put this in but if you order now, we will include it for you.

bonus 3

Free Initial Consultation:

We will personally spend 30 minutes with you on the phone and help you implement this program specifically for your needs. This will include a conversation about how you can implement this program immediately with your specific target market. 

Upon Ordering, We will contact you within 24 hours of your order.  We will have a short conversation with you to make sure you meet our criteria.  IF you don't, we will IMMEDIATELY refund your money.  However, if you do qualify, we will deliver all necessary materials and set up your training call to help you get started immediately. 


We accept major credit cards.

PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY:  This offering was previously closed due to popular demand.  However, we have reopened this for a limited time and we are accepting a handful of additional agents.  It may or may not be available in your area.  Please call 248-933-2033 to find out if it is available in your specific geographic location and if you qualify.

Please make sure you read the 'Terms of Use' below. 

P.S. We will be removing this offer once again when we reach a limited number of agents so don't hesitate. 

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